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    Quote Originally Posted by elmorejames View Post
    It's obviously a middle name to reduce attention to himself from people like us.. Same reason why DB's brother AB goes by the Adán Blezales on FB. Because they're sooooo smoooooooth and can't be found!
    LOL, since DB's actual name showed up in my google search! Smooth all right!

    I figured it was a middle or family name, but I thought it was odd since the FB group is so old and inactive. Why not just delete it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elmorejames View Post
    Doesn't one have to pay a toll when traveling across most state lines?
    Most? I don't know about 'most' since I've never crossed 50 state lines but I've driven (or been a passenger) from- Indiana to Texas without paying a toll... or from Indiana to Florida without paying a toll. Indiana to Missouri and no toll either. Indiana to North Carolina and no toll. And importantly to your point, Indiana to Michigan without a toll either. And that was all basically interstate driving. The only tolls I can remember was from Indiana to Montreal and it seems like we paid a toll in Penn and/or NY state.

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    Muddy water in the street
    ; Muddy water 'round my feet... as sung by the inimitable Bessie Smith, "Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan)"


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