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    GA - One dead at McDonald's, nine hospitalized - toxic fumes?

    Horror at McDonald's: One dead and nine in hospital after breathing in toxic fumes at fast food restaurant
    One woman died and nine others were rushed to hospital after breathing in toxic fumes at a McDonald's restaurant.

    Police believe cleaning chemicals in the bathroom of the Pooler, Georgia, fast food restaurant may have been to blame for the scare.

    Anne Felton, 80, of Ponte Vedra, Florida, and another woman customer were found unconscious in the toilet and other people in the restaurant were struggling to breath.
    Fire Chief Wade Simmons said there was a strong smell in the bathroom but the exact source had not yet been identified.
    'There are a lot of theories, but there was nothing we could see, and we were unable to find the cause,' he added. 'Possibly during the autopsy there will be for sure answers, but as of now, there is no definitive answer.'
    more, with pictures, at Daily Mail link above

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    Sounds like another good reason to skip the food at McDonalds!

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    Poison center expert says this kind of death uncommon. Well I hope so.


    First responders immediately smelled toxic chemicals and went back for their masks.

    The link says it was probably an industrial cleaner or common cleaners that should not be mixed. Admittedly years ago when I first started to do chores and was cleaning our bathroom I used bleach. Later I went back and used ammonia because the bleach smell was overwhelming. Thankfully nobody in my house died, but just another time the fam figured I'm about dumb as a box of hair.

    RIP Ms. Felton. Poor woman lived such a long life and dies in a McDonald's.

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    When I first heard this story (and didn't know all the details), I thought it was some type of terrorist attack.

    Poor woman. RIP.

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    Wow the result of the pops carbonation leaking. I never have heard of such a thing. It had built up in a wall and had leaked the toxic fumes into the bathroom. Sorry I cant post a link from my moldy moble phone. That poor woman. RIP
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    That's right. Carbon dioxide poisoning from a leak in the soda machine.

    Investigators found that carbon dioxide used to carbonate the soda machine had been leaking between the walls and the restroom, local police said in a press conference today, The Savannah Morning News reports. The carbon dioxide line appears to have been broken or improperly installed, the paper reported.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bessie View Post
    That's right. Carbon dioxide poisoning from a leak in the soda machine.

    Holy crap ours leaks all the time.

    And I have...really....really tiny lungs.

    Looks like I'm gonna have to get a gas mask!


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