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    WA - Well known counselor, David Scratchley arrested for attempted child rape

    Another well respected counselor is found to have a disgusting secret life. What a disturbing story. Thanks to Mercyneal over on the William Ayres thread for alerting me to this arrest:

    Well-known Seattle counselor jailed in attempted child-rape case
    September 4, 2011

    "A well-known Seattle counselor and head of a downtown drug-treatment center is being held without bail at the King County Jail after he was arrested for investigation of attempted child rape. David Scratchley, director of a Christian-based substance-abuse recovery center in Belltown, was booked into the jail early Friday.

    He refused to attend his first court hearing on Saturday afternoon, where King County District Court Judge Arthur Chapman found probable cause to hold him on investigation of attempted rape of a child in the first degree and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes. Scratchley was ordered held without bail..."


    A law-enforcement source close to the investigation said Scratchley had attempted suicide and was being held in the section of the jail for mentally ill inmates. Scratchley, 52, is suspected of attempting to rape a 10-year-old boy..."


    "....Police were called to Scratchley's home at 3:30 p.m. Thursday after a woman told officers he invited her over "so they could both sexually assault a child," Seattle police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said. Officers immediately responded to Scratchley's Belltown apartment building and found the boy...."

    much more at link

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    Seems that Scratchley was not all he claimed to be. He duped a whole lot of very savvy folks:

    Suspect in child-rape scheme was never a psychologist

    "...The head of a Seattle drug-treatment center, Scratchley authored books, gave speeches to city employees and co-hosted a radio show. He has worked in the Seattle area at least 23 years and is regarded as a local expert on substance abuse and addictions. Scratchley, 52, flatly claimed in a recent video to be a psychologist. He is not...."


    "...When asked Tuesday about Scratchley's résumé, GA, executive director at the Matt Talbot center, rattled off from memory impressive credentials — Ph.D. in clinical psychology and neuropsychology, former professor at Seattle University, researcher at Seattle Children's Home, and expert witness for the FBI, the DEA and the courts system.

    GA said he is certain the center ran a background check on Scratchley before he was hired...."

    more at link

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    Link to a SeattleWeekly blog about David Scratchley, with an example of one of his webcasts and partial text from the affidavits relating his messages with the woman who called LE -- WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE

    ETA Forgot to add: What a dirtbag!

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    That's disgusting!! Bless that woman's heart for turning him in. It's very sad that she has a crack addiction and that instead of treating her, her drug counselor gives her more crack and starts a relationship with her. Her moral compass must still be working just fine though. She did the right thing. Thank you ma'am. How I hope she and this child get the help they're going to need.

    They still haven't released any information about whether the boys was assaulted or not. I'm so hopeful he wasn't. Poor little guy.

    Here's the affidavit:

    Oh no, the little boy told the officer that the "things he needs to talk about are uncomfortable but that he'd be willing to talk to a doctor about them". He was hurt in some way I think. That horrid man also offered him crack. A ten year old!!

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    I'm certainly glad to see that Scratchley's attorney plans to address everyone's concerns:

    Drug counselor pleads not guilty to attempted child rape
    September 21, 2011

    "David Scratchley, manager of a Seattle drug-treatment center, pleaded not guilty Wednesday morning to charges of attempted first-degree child rape and communication with a minor for immoral purposes. Bail for Scratchley, 52, remained at $1 million.

    Ramona Brandes, Scratchley's lawyer, said Wednesday that "we are going to be looking carefully at all the evidence and exploring all options to find a resolution that addresses everyone's concerns."

    More at link (plus court photo)


    Police Investigating Child Porn Accusations Against Seattle Drug Counselor
    September 21, 2011

    "Seattle police are investigating accusations of child pornography against a drug counselor who has also been accused of attempting to rape a 10-year-old boy, state prosecutors revealed during a court hearing Wednesday. The state offered few clues on when the new charges against David Scratchley, 51, could come down from police....."


    "...Scratchley was on suicide watch in the hours after his arrest. "Initially, he was having a difficult time, but he has now focused on doing what he needs to do to understand the charges against him and understand what his options are..."

    More at link

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    He puts himself into situations with vulnerable people (addicts and children) and destroys them.

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