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    Mexico - Jorge Iniestra Salas for raping, impregating girls, Mexico City, 2011

    Mexico man accused of locking up, abusing girls for 7 years

    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A Mexico City man was arrested on Tuesday accused of imprisoning and abusing two teenage girls for seven years, fathering five children with them and beating one to death along with one of her babies.

    The gruesome news story shocked Mexicans already pummeled by daily images of drug cartel violence.

    Jorge Iniestra, 32, a part-time taxi driver started a relationship with a school worker in 2004 but soon fixated on her two young daughters, authorities said.

    He pulled the girls out of school and blocked them from going outside, eventually locking them in a single, filthy room in his mother's house.

    "He kept them totally hidden with the windows covered with wooden planks," Mexico City's attorney general Miguel Mancera said at a news conference.

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    Oh my...lost for words!

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    A Mexican man has been jailed for 241 years for keeping his lover and two teenage girls captive for five years, and committing a horrifying string of crimes against them.

    Dubbed ‘Mexico's Fritzl’, Jorge Iniestra Salas repeatedly raped the girls, beginning when they were just 12 and 14 years old.

    The 36-year-old, who was arrested in September 2011, fathered five children with one of the girls...

    He was also charged with the murders of one of the girls and one of his own children, a three-month-old boy.

    The former taxi driver beat the girl to death in 2009, and suffocated the baby by forcing him to nurse on the dead girl’s body.

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    I was thinking Ariel Castro....

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