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    AR - Wendy Hernandez, 19, pregnant, abducted & murdered, Horatio, 15 Sept 2011

    I couldnt find this posted at all -

    This is the horrific moment a 19-year-old girl was grabbed by a stranger while working at a store, hours before she was found dead in the trunk of her car.
    Wendy Zapata Hernandez was abducted yesterday from behind the till at the convenience store where she worked in Arkansas.
    A massive search was launched by police but her body was found just hours later after the suspect, believed to be the man seen in the grainy footage, was seized wandering the streets in his underwear.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz1Y9Y6o1WB

    the cctv footage is heartbreakingly frightening.

    Everything above is just my lowly opinion.

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    That's terrible. I had a friend who was abducted from where she worked but she managed to escape. Terrifying ordeal. I am just wondering if there's anywhere that is safe these days. Poor girl ... never had a chance at life. At least it looks like they caught the guy that killed her, but this is not going to bring her back to her family.

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    How sad, I feel awful for her poor father!
    See, I still have most of my marbles!

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    Getting the facts
    Sad story.

    Thank God for the surveillance camera's.

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    That poor girl. What a terrifying and horrible crime. She was married with a young child and was pregnant.


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    Back in my thirties I was between jobs and had to work at one of these places, night shift. I was always afraid and on guard. The copmpany I worked for did not seem to really care about employee safety, given a choice between keeping employees safe and customer convenience they always chose the later. The average person has no idea what kind of people are out there running around. Nightly I would have drivers pull up and pump gas then realize they were falling down drunk when they came in to pay for it. I twice had guys urinate on the floor in front of me.
    I have told my son I never want him to work at such a job, if he has to he can move back in and be supported by us for awhile, it's not worth it, nothing is. My condolences to this young woman and her family..
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    OMG! That poor girls family! How sad! Hope that creep fries in Hell.

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    A 25-year-old man will spend the rest of his life in prison after he pled guilty to murdering a SW Arkansas store clerk.


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