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    Question WA - Federal Way - Human Remains Found in Wooded Area - Sept 2011

    ... the 1900 block of S. 304th Street near Federal Way High School and Steel Lake.

    Detectives say itís too early to know the identity, age or gender of the person.
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    I'm thinking Brian Roy Barton

    The remains were found only 4 miles from where he was last seen. (A) is where he was last seen. (B) is where the remains were found.

    1300 SW Campus Dr, Federal Way, WA 98023 to 1900 S 304th St, Federal Way, WA 98003 - Google Maps

    His disappearance was featured on the Investigation Discovery Channel's Disappeared series.
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    according to this local chatter, the site was a homeless camp of sorts:

    I used to live at 1931 S 304, the property imediately next to that wooded area. Homeless people set up camp there all year round. I had my home broken into twice when I lived there. There was a regular guy that came and went from that area that was older, white, thin with scraggly beard. Cops told me once he was kinda famous within the homeless community. He road a bicycle with a trailer behind it. I wouldn't be suprized if he just passed away back there. That area us really unfortunate. It's just a garbage dump and the people of steel lake keep it that way with their miss guided good intentions. Twice that I know of developers have been blocked from building back there. Something about the creek and wetlands and such environment nonsense. Better to keep it as a garbage dump, homeless camp and graveyard. Glad I moved.


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