How do they take hold of our innocent children? Facebook is one way and thankfully a dad was checking up on his 14 year old. A man from Minnesotta (sic) called police after he found a fully grown man in his 40's was sending his DD naked photographs and his DD had sent them to the man of herself at his urging. All this despite the girl having told him she was 14.

Louis Busutil. Kinglou41 or Loubee41. He's all over the net this creep.

He's got one of the oldtimer social networks which I won't link to just in case heaven forbid some poor young girl was on there a victim. However feel free to look him up because he lists his fantasy. This is a guy in his 40's. Also I have to wonder why you moved from the Bronx to North Dakota? You lived in the Bronx until your late 20's? O.K.? Then moved to North Dakota?

He needs prison time. Just reading what this guy wrote he's full of *&#$ and a predator.

Oh and sure enough he has a page on one of my most despised social networks Multiply. Just the place for a child predator.