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    FL~Doyce Griffis' tanning "salon" had cameras & 2-way mirrors

    A tanning "salon" in a barn? Two way mirrors?


    Feds Indict Starke [FL] Man On Child Porn Charges
    September 29. 2011

    "A Starke man faces several federal child pornography charges, accused of taping customers at a tanning business. Doyce Griffis, 48, is charged with seven counts of production of child pornography, two counts of receiving child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography...."


    "....Griffis videotaped dozens of female customers, including some minors, at a tanning bed he operated in Starke from February 2000 until April 26, 2011, when he was arrested. Griffis also equipped the room with a two-way mirror that allowed him to see customers inside...."

    More at link

    And the indictment:


    Two earlier articles:


    Victim: Tanning Owner Was Friend


    "...."I like looking at women naked," Griffis said. "Everything I did was for me. There was never any intent to sell." Griffis said he videotaped the women for his personal pleasure and nothing more. He said he wanted a personal connection, rather than reading a magazine or watching a movie. "I know it was wrong, but no one was ever meant to see that stuff," Griffis said. "If they never seen it, then as far as they knew, it never happened...."

    more at links (plus videos)

    Well there is one honest statement here--"Everything I did was for me." That I believe. However, I take issue with the reasoning behind his last statement. I have no doubt that if the girls and ladies were given a choice in the matter, they would have been more than happy to buy Doyce a movie or two. But, being that they didn't know about this "issue", I guess they had nothing to worry about....right?

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    Watch the videos and check out the system he had. Just like any other porn addict, he was seriously into collecting and cataloguing. The video mentions some girls as young as 13. It sounds as if he's fully admitted to his crimes and is helping authorities identify the victims. The man is creepy but it's hard for me to watch his video without pitying him somewhat. It's almost as if he didn't grow out of the normal early teen voyeurism and just got stuck there.

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    I guess not who I'd really like to think of, on the other side of the mirror:


    Looks like an older man with the same first and last name lives at the address, too. And he knew nothing? A wide circle of friends and family, too. How humiliating.

    Can I ask a really silly question? Why do women need tanning beds in Florida? There's plenty of sunshine and I'm sure there's ways to sunbathe in the nude if desired.

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    After you read the indictment, I guarantee you that you'll never feel quite so secure again in a tanning salon. Kind of changes a lot of perceptions.

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    Hi Missizzy! Good to "see you"!

    I didn't watch the video's did they say these women were having sex (all kinds of sex apparently) with the defendant? I'm here trying to figure out why all these women were having sex on his tanning bed! Bleh! Especially with the admission of "rumors"! Have they never heard where there's smoke, there's fire?

    I have no sympathy for him, but I do wonder WTH those women were thinking? When you have sex in a public place (even one you think of as being private) you take your chances that someone might see something! Of course his voyeurism/video taping takes it a huge step beyond just being "seen"...my sympathy to the girls and women who were only there to get a tan and his friend who defended him for all those years!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missizzy View Post
    It's almost as if he didn't grow out of the normal early teen voyeurism and just got stuck there.
    With all due respect dear one "normal" early teen voyeurism doesn't include videotaping women let alone children. Nope. Nothing normal about this freakazoid.

    At link the LE there say they are not scouring the films in case that is a concern. If anyone fears they are victims they should come forward.

    Man, I don't feel one bit sorry for this creeper. He has the *&##$ to say he didn't want to videotape heavy set women that they were the most "paranoid" about being filmed or spyed on. Oh well ummmmmmmm like he's a real specimen of hunkiness????


    BTW there's also a woman from Starke with that last name who is a convicted pedophile. What's the chances?

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    Really? I didn't see the woman. I'll have to go back and check. You're good!! I don't feel sorry for him, Filly, per se, I just feel pity. I think that's different. IMO, he's sexually stunted and can't get out of his own way.

    And don't be so sure about the teen voyeurism mixed up with the techie stuff. I've had my eyes opened in that area!!! I used to think that it was semi-normal to sneak a peek into the bathroom window when your sister's girlfriend was showering. Now, I hear stories of that view being filmed and sent 'round the school for everyone to see.

    Has anyone figured out what the comments about sex were? Were women meeting for trysts and he was filming it? Soooo creepy.

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