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    OH - Cincinnati - Human Remains under home, Sept 2011 - Kimberly Brown

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    could be Kimberly Riley who disappeared from OH in 1998. she seems a bit young to have been a witness in 1992, but it was a few years after the 1992 trial:

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    EAST END, OH (FOX19) - New information has been revealed about human remains found wrapped in plastic, under concrete and floor boards in an East End home September 29, 2011.

    Homicide detectives found the remains in the 3200 block of Riverside Drive after receiving a tip from a prisoner. In a news release from the Hamilton County Coroner's Office, the identity of the human remains is that of Kimberly Brown, 53.

    Hamilton County Coroner Dr. Anant Bhati said it was a difficult case.

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