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    Scientist wins Nobel for medicine days after death

    STOCKHOLM (AP) A pioneering researcher was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine Monday, three days after dying of pancreatic cancer without ever knowing he was about to be honored for his immune system work that he had used to try to prolong his own life.

    The Nobel committee said it was unaware that Canadian-born cell biologist Ralph Steinman had already died when it awarded the prize to him, American Bruce Beutler and French scientist Jules Hoffmann.

    Since the committee is only supposed to consider living scientists, the Nobel Foundation held an emergency meeting Monday and said the decision on the 10 million kronor ($1.5 million) prize will remain unchanged.

    "The Nobel Prize to Ralph Steinman was made in good faith, based on the assumption that the Nobel laureate was alive," the foundation said.


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    Oh gee...that is so sad...

    Sounds like someone wasn't keeping in touch with on-going status updates of immininent award recipients...you would think if they knew that he was ill, they would be checking, especially to see if they could speed up the process...

    Or does the Nobel committee operate in a vacuum?


    Ah, well, at least they are still awarding it. So his heirs will benefit and other family/friends/colleagues will be happy for him.

    In my belief system, he knows even now, but still...

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