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    MT - Three people shot to death on Crow reservation, Lodge Grass, 4 Oct 2011


    So 22-year old Sheldon Chase is wanted out of Montana for shooting his 80-year old grandmother, 21-year old cousin and a 20-year old man to death. Photo is available at the FBI press release link.

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    They caught this young man in Washington State.

    Sheldon Chase is not from Montana, but from North Dakota. He was attending college in Montana when he murdered these innocent people.

    Immensely sad. His poor grandmom. She lived all those years and then was murdered by her grandson.


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    A man accused in a triple murder on Montana’s Crow Indian Reservation is due in court Wednesday for a mental health competency hearing...

    If U.S. District Judge Susan Watters upholds an earlier determination that Chase is incompetent to stand trial, he’ll go through a civil commitment process that could send him to an institution for the rest of his life.

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