Nope. I do not believe we want this man in the halls of our schools....or in the library, for that matter. FWIW, we had an IL school custodian arrested for trading child porn earlier this summer. That almost makes a category.

I'd like to know how this man crawled over the school's firewalls to get at the child porn. I'll never forget our district's director of special education telling me it just wasn't possible that my daughter (in special ed) was on sex chat rooms at the library. If she could figure it out, I guess Mr. Walker could. Why wasn't he arrested when he was fired?

Kenner [LA] police book former Chalmette school custodian with child pornography
October 4, 2011

A Kenner man who told authorities he is a former Chalmette Elementary School custodian has been booked with having child pornography on his home computer. David Walker, 27, was already in jail on an August charge of molesting a juvenile arrest when he was booked a week ago with pornography involving juveniles...."


"....he told them that he views child pornography for his sexual gratification, according to a Kenner police report. They seized his computer and found 37 images and one video that a Kenner detective determined depicted prepubescent juvenile females engaging in sexual activity..."


"...Walker told FBI agents he was fired from Chalmette Elementary last year when he was caught masturbating to child pornography in the school's computer laboratory..."


"....His August arrest stemmed from allegations that he touched a 3-year-old Kenner girl inappropriately. He is acquainted with the girl...."

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