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    Angry CA - Rare Interview With Man With Child Pornography Real Believable

    James Pease has a spotless record. That's swell. The 55 year old was busted after sharing loads of child pornography on one of those peer sharing network. Police said it was the most awful photos they'd ever seen.

    Sooooooooo no question about it Mr. Pease keeps saying how terribly sorry he is for what he has done.

    Now the typical child pornography addict behavior comes out. Pease explains he has absolutely NO INTEREST SEXUALLY IN CHILDREN! He just was curious. Then it became like watching a train wreck and he couldn
    t stop.

    I'll say considering he viewed the pornography almost daily for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do they truly believe themselves? For real I wanna know.


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    excuses, excuses excuses
    Just my opinions (and I have been wrong before)!


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    Of course he's sorry, he got caught. I hope he gets book thrown at him.

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