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    SC- Charleston - BlkFem & Male (UP 9145 & 9287), Spoleto Festival, Apr'07 *RELIC*

    These two NamUs cases appear to pertain to the same unidentified decedent.

    NamUs UP Case 9145 https://identifyus.org/cases/9145
    NamUs UP Case 9287 https://identifyus.org/cases/9287

    Unidentified Black Female
    * The remains were recovered on April 25, 2007 and May 16, 2007 from the grounds of the Spoleto Festival in Charleston South Carolina.
    * Partial remains - very dry, skeletonized

    Vital Statistics
    * Estimated Age - 15 to 19 (in UP case 9145), 13 to 17 (in UP case 9287)
    * Skeletal Findings - Porotic hyperostosis (i.e., a disease that causes bone tissue to appear spongy and become soft) on right parietal (i.e., temple), cribra orbitalia (a sieve-like lesion) on superior left orbit (i.e., the roof of the eye socket), bilateral periostitis (i.e. shin splints) on anterior tibial midshafts.
    * Dental: Only five teeth and one root tip recovered from upper right quadrant.
    * DNA: Sample Submitted - Tests Not Complete
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    I found these two UID cases when looking for matches to Brittany Tenisha Robinson . Her NamUs casefile was just created recently.


    Her age (14 at DLC), ethnicity (Black), LKA (Charleston, SC), are consistent with these unidentified remains.

    However, the timeframe (10 months) might be somewhat short, as the postmortem interval is estimated as "years", and the bones were described as "very dry".
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    Shin splints... maybe the UID was a runner.
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