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    I was directed to this thread from SAR on Cassie Compton (another missing girl who is not getting enough media coverage), and let me tell ya - this was one sobering, horrifying read. Poor Chyenne! My heart goes out to her soul and her family. A tragedy that could have been prevented. As a society we are never doing enough to protect our children. It's so frustrating and heartbreaking.

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    Cheyenne crosses my mind often as her story haunted me and still does. What a bright and beautiful child who would have had such a promising future if only just one person would have stepped in. So many saw it, so many 'felt' it, yet nothing was done. So many opportunities missed, so many balls drop. It makes my heart sad.

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    I always remember her videos and how people around town all knew her. So sad


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    I still don't understand how he was charged more than once for murder.
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    I don't know about the murder charges, and how that works, but have seen it in multiple cases. But anyway, I don't care if he was charged with 100 murder charges! He killed this precious child, knowing no one gave a dayum and wouldn't be looking for her!! Then continued to live in the same house with her siblings, and Mom like nothing had happened. I will not forget Cheyenne like so many did. I wish I had known her and could have taken her under my wing. Every time I see Cheyenne's thread bumped up, it brings up my anger and pain for Cheyenne.

    How in the name of hades was she just forgotten??? How do you live each day not knowing where your child is, your sister is, your niece is, your neighbor is, you school mate is??? HOW???

    Gone, and sadly just forgotten by so many in her life.
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    Was thinking about Chy tonight.
    I still wonder if he pled guilty to hide something more.
    It just seems so strange that he would suddenly grow a conscience.

    I would find it more believable if she had been buried somewhere far away.
    But she was right there and he was okay with that for 700+ days...

    What triggered him to grow some remorse?
    Generally criminals grow remorse and plead guilty to save themselves.
    To avoid the death penalty, or because they know the evidence is overwhelming.

    I am baffled in this case, since they didn't even find a cause of death at autopsy.
    What triggered him to plead guilty when he was okay with her buried in the backyard for so long?
    Maybe it was genuine remorse... I just have a hard time believing it.

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