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    UT - 6 year old twins hospitalized, infant burned, mom knocked out

    Mark Devone Leavitt was arrested when police came to his home regarding a domestic problem. That would be knocking his wife out to semi-consciousness by the time cops got there.

    While in the home police noticed two 6 year old twin boys with severe burns to their hands. Punishment from dad. One boy may lose fingers. Poor kids that has to be immensely painful.

    Also an infant in the home was observed with a burn below the knee. Dad blamed the twins.

    Googling this guys name I see he was arrested in 2009 regarding some kidnapping case. I'll look.

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    Scary lunatic.


    You kidnap a woman from her home and cut her hair off and leave her in the dessert and uhhhhhhhhhh you're free two years later to beat your wife senseless, and burn your children?

    Not to mention all the DUI's he racked up along with driving without a license. Thus the argument his wife had with him.

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    Oh how sad. Those poor little kids. I feel very bad for the mother too but the kids have no choices and much worse wounds.

    I hope these kids never have to see this man again.
    Just my opinions (and I have been wrong before)!


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