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    How to Spot a Psychopath: Look For Speech Patterns, Scientists Say

    How to Spot a Psychopath: Look For Speech Patterns, Scientists Say

    Psychopaths can be spotted by how they talk.

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    Interesting article. I think some of the speech patterns the researchers described can be heard in (the BTK Killer) Dennis Rader's guilty plea and description of his crimes, and also in his TV interview. He talks almost like a police officer, in the way he disassociates himself from his crimes. He also says "so that" and "in order to" often. It is clear that he has zero remorse for his crimes, and I sense that he doesn't even really understand why normal people think it's so awful.

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    Exactly right, monsters dont think they are. Wow, what a great article. Thanks.

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    Another interesting article on psychopaths and how their brain works:


    >>Moreover, when imagining other people in pain, highly psychopathic inmates showed increased activity in a brain area known to be involved in pleasure, according to the study, which was published Sept. 24 in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience<<

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