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    KY - Patricia Calloway, 39, Hartford, 3 March 1993 *D. Calloway guilty*

    Though Calloway was reported missing on March 13, 1993, she was last seen over a week earlier at her place of employment in Hartford, KY on March 3, 1993. As the KSP reports, Calloway left work early and has not been seen since.

    At this time, evidence suggests that Calloway met with foul play.

    Patricia Calloway is 39 years-old and is described as a white female.

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    2 arrested and charged in Patricia Calloway Disappearance

    Hartford KY (MPN) Today, two arrests were made in the murder of Patricia Ann Calloway, who disappeared on March 3, 1993. According to a press release by Kentucky State Police Public Affairs officer Corey King, the following summary was given: The Kentucky State Police has charged two with the murder of Patricia Calloway.

    Link to story

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    KYSP lists the case as SOLVED here
    but I think that is just because they have an arrest??

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    Quote Originally Posted by imcuriosity View Post
    KYSP lists the case as SOLVED here
    but I think that is just because they have an arrest??
    I'm getting this: HTTP ERROR 404 - Document requested does not exist or was not found

    ETA: I copied a cache version:

    Cold Case of Patricia Calloway - Solved

    For Other Kentucky Government Sites Visit:
    Click here to visit Kentucky.gov, the Official State Government Site for the Commonwealth of Kentucky

    Missing Person of Patricia Calloway – Last Seen March 3, 1993 - Solved on 10/17/2012

    Patricia Calloway Playing Card

    State Police Request Help Resolving the Missing Person of Patricia Calloway
    Reported missing on March 13, 1993, was last seen on March 3, 1993.

    Victim: Patricia Calloway, White Female, 39 years of age.

    Location: Was last seen in Hartford, Ohio County, Kentucky.

    Victim was last seen at her place of employment. Victim left work early and has not been seen since. Foul play is suspected.

    Detectives are requesting help from the community or anyone who might have information on the Missing Person of Patricia Calloway. Anyone with information can contact the case officers Sgt. Jackie Carver, or Lt. Sean McKinney with the Kentucky State Police Post 16 Henderson, Kentucky at (270)-826-3312 or e-mail them at Sgt. Jackie Carver, or Lt. Sean McKinney.

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    I don't know if they found her remains. If someone finds out that she has been found, please alert the post so the mods can move her to Located.

    Rest in peace, Patricia

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    An Arson, a Wig, and Murder: No Justice for Patsy Calloway

    Patricia Ann Kessinger (Calloway) was declared deceased by presumptive death. She is survived by her mother, siblings, three children, and grandchildren. Darrell had a temporary marker made for his sister, which sits in front of their father’s headstone.


    Vernon Gene Calloway remains the prime suspect in the disappearance of Patsy Ann Calloway, but no arrests have been made. Jimmy Calloway is under indictment for other crimes.

    Patricia Ann Kessinger (Calloway) was last seen wearing a white nurses uniform and a long brown coat. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts or circumstances surrounding her disappearance, please contact Detective Bryan Whitaker at the Kentucky State Police: 1-270-826-3312. In Hartford KY:
    Ohio County, KY Police: 1-270-298-4444.


    This is a very complex case and I hope she gets justice.
    I found something also on Charley Project and they list her as being legally dead.

    Calloway protestors file complaint against Debra Calloway

    Both Vernon Calloway, 69, and Debra Calloway, 58, were charged with one count of murder; one count of kidnapping; one count of tampering with physical evidence and one count of retaliation against a participant in a legal process. All four charges are felonies. They were lodged in the Ohio County Detention Center in Hartford.

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    Debra A. Calloway, on trial for murder in the 1993 disappearance of her ex-sister-in-law Patsy Calloway, testified Tuesday she was not involved in the woman's death but believes her late husband, Vernon Calloway, killed her.

    Meanwhile, a witness told jurors he saw Patsy Calloway's body wrapped in trash bags in the back of a truck Vernon and Debra Calloway were cleaning out the day Patsy Calloway disappeared.

    Patricia "Patsy" Calloway is believed to have been killed because she threatened to tell law enforcement what she knew about a 1991 arson at the home she shared with her husband, Larry Calloway. Patsy Calloway has not been seen since March 3, 1993.

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    After several hours of deliberations, the jury found Debra Calloway guilty of facilitation to commit a murder, complicity in tampering with physical evidence, both class D felonies with a maximum sentence of five years each, and facilitation to intimidating a witness in a legal proceeding, a misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of one year.

    The jury recommended Debra Calloway serve the maximum sentence on all counts.

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    According to this Facebook post, a search for Patricia's remains may happen this weekend.


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    KSP, forensic students search for victim in 1993 cold case


    The Kentucky State Police, Ohio County sheriff's deputies, a search and rescue team and students from the forensics program at a Maryland university were on Hoopee Hill Road north of Hartford Thursday morning, searching once again for the remains of Patricia "Patsy" Calloway.

    Investigators believe they know where Patsy Calloway's body is -- on property that belonged to the Calloway family on Hoopee Hill Road. Although there have been no new leads in the case, state troopers and investigators have returned to the property over the years to continue the search, a KSP official said Thursday.

    "We know we are in the right area," said Trooper Corey King, public information for KSP in Henderson. Troopers were at the property as recently as a few weeks ago, but returned Thursday with the search team and about 40 students from Towson University's forensic chemistry department to conduct another search.

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