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    Giant Lego Man Washes Up on Florida Beach

    SIESTA KEY - It's a publicity stunt, but whose stunt is it?

    Washed ashore on Siesta Key Beach Tuesday morning was an 8-foot-tall Lego man, his shirt emblazoned with an enigmatic and grammatically challenged message: "NO REAL THAN YOU ARE."

    Jeff Hindman was walking the beach and first saw the 100-pound figure in the pre-dawn light. Thinking it was marine life, washed ashore overnight and left in the gentle ankle-deep surf, Hindman got closer and discovered the statue was made of fiberglass, like a boat hull.

    He took a photo, then dragged the Lego man out of the water and stood it up.


    Similar Lego men with the same grammatical mangling were found on beaches in Holland in 2007 and England in 2008. On the back of the Siesta Key Lego man's shirt is the name "Ego Leonard" and the number 8.



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    Can anyone tell from the photos? Those look like a handful of giant Lego-like pieces rather than the thousands of actual Legos it would take to make an 8-foot man.

    Where would one get such large pieces? Can they be traced or would they have to be custom-made?

    I suppose this could be a Lego marketing stunt; the Scandinavians sometimes have promotional ideas that strike me as odd.

    I guess the other possibility is some sort of performance art.

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    LOL at all the FB comments following the article!

    It is a shame they locked him up for a harmless publicity stunt!
    ...and be sure your sin will find you out.


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    Did they check inside for drugs it could be the latest way to smuggle. I remember back in the 80's walking down the beach and seeing bails floating around.
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    Well it least it wasnt just a Leggo Foot.

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    This reminds me how much I miss living by the beach. You find all kinds of interesting stuff that washes up.

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    Hands down a story to put a smile on your face.

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