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    SC - Kenneth Tollett, 65, Moncks Corner, 13 Oct 2011

    It is with a heavy heart that I ask for your help. This is my friends father.


    Kenneth Tollett
    Age 65
    Retired public school teacher
    Wife passed away when children were very young. He was a wonderful single dad.

    Help find Kenneth Tollett facebook page < Please feel free to go there.

    What we know ..

    They tried to report missing earlier but they were rebuffed by local authorities.

    This is a quick copy paste from family below..

    Kenneth W. Tollett, last seen afternoon of 10/13/11. Vehicle parked at Berkeley County Airport in Moncks Corner, SC and plane missing from hangar - Cessna 150, N3086X, white with blue stripe.

    Info we do know: he left his fiancée's home approximately 2:30pm on Thursday, 10/13/11, and apparently headed to the airport prior to class. He was part of the aviation mechanics program at Trident Technical College which meets Mon-Fri 5p-9p, but classmate doesn't recall seeing Dad in class that night. No flight plan was filed - most likely he was just being followed by the towers in various air spaces and we can only assume that he wanted to take the plane up to keep fluids and such moving and gears all working since he hasn't been doing many flights recently. Last annual on the plane was completed in July 2011. His cell phone is either turned off or the battery is dead, as calls are going straight to voicemail, and his phone charger is still at his home. The plane's transponder has not sent out any signals to the FAA that the plane has been downed. Dad has been in good spirits and has not exhibited any signs of psychological distress. He often practices his emergency skills such as stalls and short-field landings, and currently has a VFR flight rating. He is on coumadin, a blood-thinning medication, and as far as we know he is without medications since 10/13


    His fiancée had Verizon trace the phone and they told her the battery was dead because it was going to voicemail, and the last call was one from her on the 11th, I believe. And he hadn't checked or erased his answering machine messages since the 11th as well.


    No contact with FBO that I know of, but his plane can take either auto fuel or aero fuel so he often fills gas cans at the gas station rather than filling from the airport unless he's somewhere and has no option. No flight plan filed, but weather briefing is a possibility to check out - thanks!


    Updated info:
    - FAA continues to report no signals received showing that a plane has been downed
    - SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) is planning to get the big choppers out on Thurs 10/27 to conduct aerial searches throughout the day
    - Dad's finances were accessed but have shown no activity during the time he has been missing
    - His cell phone was pinged and they received a 1.1 signal, very low, which shows that the phone battery is dead, and is not in water since phones are supposed to automatically cut off once they hit water
    - He has been active in his aviation mechanics program at Trident Technical College, which meets Mon-Fri from 5pm-9pm, and when he left Jan's house on 10/13 at 2:30pm, he had a packed lunch in anticipation for attending class. This tells us that he likely wasn't planning to take an actual trip in the plane. A classmate mentioned that Dad was usually early to class and often shared with the class his plans for upcoming trips and vacations.
    - Jan reported that Dad had recently been seen by his medical doctors and given an overall clean bill of health. Dad has been on Coumadin, a blood-thinner medication, following a pulmonary embolism he had in October of 2004, and is typically compliant with all medications. As far as we know, he did not have any with him when he disappeared.
    - At this time I am not aware of any plans for a ground search, as we really don't even know where he could have been, but I estimate he only had about an hour to take the plane up and bring it back down, tie it down and get to class on time in North Charleston.
    - Any information that can be shared can be directed to Captain Ollick with the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office at (843) 273-3800

    Feel free to ask any questions, and I will try my best to answer them, although I work nights so am usually sleeping during the day. Our family is so very thankful for all of the support that has been given so far, and all prayers, positive vibes, good juju and the like are always appreciated!!!


    He could go about 3 hours on gas a little more or less depending on weight and winds. If the transponder was broken, it might not register at all. If there was a health problem or a mechanical problem and he made a landing and then something happened to him his transponder wouldn't go off at all signaling a crash (I know that is an obvious statement). Charleston, shaw afb, or myrtle beach might have picked the plane up on their radars (definitely charleston though when he left berkeley county airport).


    ^ Actual plane

    Thank you
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    Rest in peace, Mr. Tollett, and fly with the angels, too.


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    So sorry... At least the family has closure and does not have to keep searching and wondering.

    May God bless them during this difficult time.
    Fly high and free, Jhessye ~

    My posts are meant to help think through possibilities and are strictly an additional opinion under circumstances when many points of view need to be considered. I apologize in advance to anyone whose potential involvement is contemplated in error. Please understand that much of what is happening is merely brainstorming during unfortunate events.

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    4BB, so sorry for the loss of your friend's father... my thoughts are with you

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    Rest in peace, Mr. Tollett. Prayers for the family.
    "Love one another. As I have loved you, love one another." Jesus

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    Thank you for updating the status. We stayed at the airport until they left with him. It was bittersweet. I know, especially from being a member here, that many families never find answers.

    I still have to wonder why he was missing for 2 weeks and found literally in the woods at the airport. So odd.

    Thank you all so very much.

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