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    WI - David Hopp wanted in string of sexual assaults, Wood County, Dec 2005

    "Authorities in Wood County are after a man they're saying is behind several sexual assault charges.

    David Hopp, 59, from the town of Saratoga, was last seen in December 2005, at the Germantown home of his estranged wife. The charges were all filed in May, stemming from three separate incidents.
    Authorities are saying the first happened in October 2003 at his Saratoga home. The criminal complaint is saying he used straps and ropes to tie his then-girlfriend to a metal pole in his basement, then assaulted her.
    In December 2005, court papers are saying he followed a woman around Wisconsin Rapids. He's also accused of assaulting another woman the next day in the same fashion as the first incident.
    Police are saying they traced calls from that Germantown home to the third woman's place, offering her money to forget everything. They think Hopp may have left the area."

    This guy is from Saratoga WI. Did he know Lanphear? Is one a copycat? he went missing in December 2005.

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    David Hopp's ,Missing criminal's remains found

    Missing criminal's remains found

    WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis. (WSAU) Police have positively identified human remains found in Germantown two years ago as those of a saratoga man charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting two women at his home in 2005.

    Hunters found David Hopp's remains in a wooded area on Highway 41 near his estranged wife's home in August 2009, said Wood County sheriff's Lieutenant Shawn Becker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacie Estes View Post
    In my book it is....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TallCoolOne View Post
    In my book it is....
    But not in the law's-- there's a criminal investigation and someone close to him is going to end up in prison, imo. I mean really, right near the ex's home? I just hope it doesn't involve a now adult child. It's never the answer, unless it truly IS karma.

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    They aren't saying he died by violence. I can see several possibilities there. They are treating it as a criminal investigation, but the way the article is written they don't know his cause of death.

    He could have been hiding out there with some assistance from the ex. At his age he could have died naturally. And the ex may have thought he took off for somewhere else and didn't report it.

    He could have been stalking his ex and either died naturally or in self defense. Though I would think that if it was self defense I would have thought they would have called the police.

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