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    MT Occupy Missoula Protester Busted Child Endangerment

    Color me paranoid, but I was waiting for something like this to happen somewhere with the "Occupy" movement.

    Police were called to the Occupy protest in regards to an intoxicated person. That person was a 12 year old boy. The boy was found in the tent of John Skinner who admitted to giving the boy alcohol.

    Ain't that just flippin swell?


    Although I can only speak of the Philadelphia Occupy which BTW has been peaceful and organized I just had a feeling some kid was going to get exploited somewhere. When you have so many people although for a good cause you're going to encounter trouble at some point. We have kids coming to these protests and Lord forbid I worry about runaways and basically they are sitting ducks.

    This article doesn't state if the youngster is related to this guy. Philly has had children marches and parents are bringing kids to the protest. Then you have the young suburbia kids heading down on weekends to see what is up. This is when I worry most.

    Not to talk up Philly but they adopted a system where each little child has to be tagged. You have large numbers of people. You have a large homeless population which includes folks just getting out of jail and prison. Then as in anything you're going to have some freaks just eyeballing little kids or teens.

    This ain't Woodstock for heaven sakes. I'm proud of those standing for their rights. I just want it all done safely.

    Hoping the young man is O.K. now.

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    i absolutely support the Occupy movement but i have been concerned about people showing up to the protests for other reasons. children should always be the first concern for LE who are dispatched to keep the peace at the rallys. imo children should only be at the rallys if accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult and imo a tagging system where the parent and child have matching tags for identification in case they get separated would be a great idea.
    prayers for this little boy.
    "Love one another. As I have loved you, love one another." Jesus

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