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    Fl - Mother charged with 10 counts of neglect


    Newton, who is on probation for child neglect, told deputies she is not employed so she can stay home and take care of her 10 kids. The children, between the ages of 2 months and 12 years old, were placed into a foster home.

    She didnt have time for housekeeping, but she did have time for Facebook!


    WOW!!! JMO

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    omgosh - 10 kids (including a 2 month old) and all she had was nine cans of "porkin beans"? With all them kids, she must have been getting some pretty good SNAP benefits.

    As a sahm myself, there's no excuse for her behaviour. Unless she was ill or couldn't walk, the house should be kept clean, the kids fed, and well taken care of.



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    poor poor children. They just don’t have a fighting chance when they start life out like that.
    Just my opinions (and I have been wrong before)!


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    What is up with Florida and child abuse
    “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”
    ― Eleanor Roosevelt

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    she's already on probation for child neglect - take the kids away! and sterilize her too!

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