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    WA - Keisha Lewis, 21, University Place, 31 Oct 2011 - Pregnant

    Police issue Amber Alert for baby following fatal stabbing in University Place

    A woman has been fatally stabbed in a University Place home and police are searching for her 9-month-old child.

    More: http://mynorthwest.com/11/570554/Amb...atally-stabbed
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    Woman found dead in University Place; Amber Alert issued for 9-month-old

    A woman was found dead today in a University Place home, and her 9-month-old child is missing, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said. An AMBER Alert was issued just before 7 p.m. today.

    Police are looking for Joseph Lester. He is driving a blue or purple 1992 Chevrolet Caprice with the license plate ADP3753. The car reportedly has a loud exhaust system and large rims.

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    O PLease!! Please find this baby! How awful.
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    I hope he drops this baby off somewhere safe.

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    I'm guessing that the guy they're looking for must be the sperm-donor of this poor baby, since he murdered the mommy and took the child with him. If the baby wasn't his I think he would have just left the child there with the dead mom, (isn't that what they usually do?). MOO

    May God protect this innocent child!

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    Somewhere out there ....

    The suspect,Joseph Lester, fled the scene in a dark blue, 1992 Chevrolet Caprice with "large rims and a loud exhaust," says a release. The vehicle license plate is ADP3753

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    OH NO. This is not good at all. That sweet baby could not have been a witness. He had no reason to take her or harm her.
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    WS is on top of everything! Saw lots of Amber Alert signs on the highway on my way home tonight... wondered what was happening. Hope he keeps this baby safe!

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    That's right near where my son and his family live! They go to University Place often. I hope the baby is found safe.

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    Mom fatally stabbed near Tacoma, 9-month-old daughter taken

    A Pierce County, Wash., sheriff's spokesman says a woman has been found fatally stabbed in the Tacoma suburb of University Place and an Amber Alert has been issued for her missing 9-month-old daughter.


    The News Tribune says neighbors report a man dropped the victim off Monday evening at her duplex. They say she yelled, "He's killing me" as she got out of the vehicle.

    Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer says the woman was found dead inside the duplex.

    More: http://www.koinlocal6.com/news/local...wQleolkyw.cspx

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    Oh!! Praying for this baby. Sounds terrible! I hate to hear that a woman screams that a man is killing her, and noone helps. I really hope this baby is found soon!
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    The woman has not been identified, but family members said she was pregnant.

    The victim's child could not be found, and investigators believe she was abducted by her father, Joseph A. Lester, who is the victim's ex-boyfriend.
    Investigators originally sought Lester's vehicle, but the car was found abandoned in Tacoma Monday night.

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    OH NOOOOO!!!!

    A sweet innocent little baby.

    Please let him take care of her, and not harm her. Please.

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    More background info on the suspect:


    Neighbors said there was a stabbing involving the couple at the home within the last month, and some were concerned by the victim’s friends.

    Ok, I'm not blaming the victim, but I wish the mother sought help, if not for herself, for her children. The article also says she has a 3-year-old whose whereabouts are "unaccounted for", and mentions that the suspect has a known history of criminal activity including domestic violence. These situations are just so sad...

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