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    CO- Children die in fire, mother arrested for leaving them alone

    Danielle Lynn Brockman 23
    Brockman's felony arrest warrant affidavit has been sealed

    (I wonder why it was sealed?? that's weird)

    During the course of the investigation, detectives determined that the two children were home alone at the time the fire broke out, according to police.

    intensive search for her that had been going on since Wednesday morning. Brockman was arrested by the department's Fugitive Apprehension and Surveillance Team.

    hey'd grown concerned after repeatedly seeing the little boy running naked outside the home.

    "In the morning, it got real cold and he was running, standing out here naked in the yard, barefoot,"

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    Just my opinions (and I have been wrong before)!


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    Preliminary Hearing...
    They were left alone for 7 hours before she came home and found the house on fire.

    Dad devastated by loss of kids in fire

    She said she was overwhelmed at times.
    So the Dad was planning to move the little boy in with him and was going to try for full custody of both kids.
    He has the kids names tattooed on his arms, one on each arm.

    Alivia Rainn "Alli" -15 months old - (born on the 4th of July)
    Timothy Joseph "TJ" - 3 years old (2 months from turning 4 - New Years Eve)

    Sorry, there are not very many good pictures of either child, but especially of TJ... that only makes it more sad.
    There probably isn't many pictures.

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    poor babies

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    Not seeing any updates on this one... anyone else?

    She isn't coming up on Vinelink either.
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