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    KY - Man arrested after hiding under high school girl's bed Halloween night


    Just a feeling that we'll be hearing about this guy again in the future...
    He sure was determined to get away from the cops... and hiding under the girls bed in the first place... whacko!!!
    He's scary for sure....

    Sean Roberson
    age 23
    exited the residence by jumping through a double pane window and breaking it
    Roberson had caught a ride with someone and went to the Ava High School, where he entered the school
    Deputy Long advised he shot Roberson three times with the Less than Lethal Bean Bag gun, he kept running

    Then he was tazed and it still had no affect...

    good gravy!!!
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    Obsessed ex-boyfriends can be cuh-RAZY!!! Jeez, reading what happened after he leaped out the window read like a Tom & Jerry episode! O_o

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