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    Man pays his mother' outstanding parking ticket from 1954

    Hey, some people have ethics! This guy even framed the ticket and the payment! (a dime)

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    I'd just turned three months old at the time she got the ticket. That is one OLD ticket!

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    would be even better if he included a 1954 dime.

    cute story & nice piece of history preserved

    I wonder what the interest would be on that fine ...

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    Good story. We had one similar in my small home town when a man returned a library book that he had been unable to return as a child because he couldn’t pay the late fee. 20 years later as a successful businessman he calculated what he now owed and paid it saying it had haunted him for 20 years and he had always kept the book near him.
    Just my opinions (and I have been wrong before)!


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