Odd that this article would hit the press before formal charges have been made. I have a feeling this man's name will not stay secret for long. It's not too hard to figure out who he is from the descriptions given. My heart goes out to the boys and the community. It's so terribly hard to be duped.


Molestation accusation against church volunteer blindsides community
October 31, 2011

"A man called one of Pierce County's most promising Christian leaders is accused of molesting children Thursday. He surrounded himself with children as a football coach, YMCA worker and church volunteer.

We're not naming the suspect because he hasn't been charged but church officials say he confessed his crimes to them. He molested four boys and, given how involved he was, there are concerns there could be more victims. Videos posted by Champions Centre Church show a vibrant community, especially the youth. Which is what has so many here stunned...."


"....a youth ministry volunteer, described as a trusted community role model, molested four teenaged boys, off campus, over the course of the past few years...."


"....The suspect also directed the last night youth program at the Puyallup YMCA, one of the most popular in the country. Hundreds of teens showed up every Friday night to learn life lessons and making good choices. Parents in Puyallup worry for their own kids...."


"....Additionally, the man was an assistant football coach at Cascade Christian School where he has now been fired...."


"....Right now, there are no accusations of molestation at either the church or the school. He is no longer working at any of the facilities we've mentioned--all of which say they ran background checks that all came back clear."

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