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    NH - Roberta "Bobbie" Miller, 54, found murdered in Gilford, Oct 2010

    A friend who knows I've been following the Celina Cass case on WS brought to my attention a reward poster in The Meredith News, a weekly newspaper published in Meredith, New Hampshire pertaining to the death of Bobbie Miller. The poster appeared in the November 3, 2011 edition, and there is a full face photo of Bobbie who appears happy and smiling in the photo.

    I am not "computer savvy" enough to link the poster to this thread, but the reward is $50,000.00 "IF YOUR INFORMATION LEADS TO AN ARREST AND PROSECUTION OF THE PERSON(S) RESPONSIBLE YOU WILL BE REWARDED.

    The contact information is:
    New Hampshire State Police Tip Line 603-223-3860
    New Hampshire State Police Major Crime Unit Line 603-223-8573

    The poster also states more information can be found at:

    Hopefully someone who reads this post will have some information to share with NH LE that will help solve Bobbie's murder.

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    IMO it would be great if LE acknowledged the aniversary of the MANY unsolved murders in NH.

    100+ women have died or dissappeared under mysteriuos situations.

    Rewards are great motivation. Information aroung the case that is kept secret would be more than motivatiom. It would provide the means to allow anyone who may think what they heard, saw or know to contribute to this issue that affect too many.

    All of the above is my opinion with great respect for LE and Ms Miller.

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    "Tips still coming in on Miller Murder"


    "Miller was the ex wife of Gary Miller"
    "The two had a protractive and acrimonious divorce that was finalised in August 2010 -three months before she was murdered"
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