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    PA - Frankford Slasher (1985-1990) *UNSOLVED*

    The Frankford Slasher is the name given by the media to a possible serial killer who operated in and around the neighborhood of Frankford of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1985 to 1990. Leonard Christopher was convicted in the murder of one of the nine supposedly linked victims, but the others remain unsolved. All the victims were sexually assaulted and stabbed to death. Several of the victims were seen with a middle-aged white man shortly before their deaths.

    Frankford Slasher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    This case did have a conviction, but there is a lot of controversy about the accused. Here is a snip from the above link:

    "During the investigation into the death of Carol Dowd, Leonard Christopher, an employee at a nearby fish market, became a suspect. Despite the fact that he did not match the witness's description, and that there was no evidence to link him to any of the other eight murders, and little evidence linking him to Dowd's murder, he was tried and convicted of first degree murder on December 12, 1990."

    So, we'll call this "unsolved" just in case.

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