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    OK - Peggy Sweeten, 52, Grove, 17 Jan 1998



    Website that archives past articles. Excellent resourse when looking for past information published.

    The 52-year-old ex-wife of the former superintendent of schools in Arma, Kan., was last seen at the couple’s home in January 1998.

    James Sweeten told family members and friends that he discovered that she had left him when he returned home that month from a conference for school superintendents. He claimed to have found her wedding rings and a note stating that she had run off with a man she met on the Internet.

    According to court records, the husband never filed a missing-person report until five months later at the urging of his son. By then, he had obtained a divorce, and he eventually married another woman in December 1998.
    Picture from Charley Project, first link in this posting.
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    it looks like the husband probably had something to do with this. what i will never understand is why they dont just get a divorce. and in this particular case why didnt he just get a divorce before he killed her? was he afraid he would have to give her something in the divorce and he didnt want to part with his material possessions? i wonder what his new wife knows. it seems impossible that she wouldn't at least suspect something. jmo
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