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    OR - Jeromy Childress, 31, Tillamook, Oct 2004

    Jeromy has been missing since October of 2004.

    Identifying Characteristics: Tattoo of a "Phoenix" on left shoulder, tattoo of a "dolphin" on right shoulder blade, pierced left ear, crooked upper two front teeth, chip on outside of left upper front tooth, previously fractured a couple of fingers on his right hand.

    Jeromy was last seen at approximately 4:30pm hunting on Trask Mountain near Tucca Creek Rd. and Boundary Rd. in Tillamook County, OR.

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    BUMPING for Jeromy, now missing for 8 years.

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    up north

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    Childress, described as an experienced hunter, was out in the rugged, treacherous terrain of the Tillamook forest on a hunting trip with his partner, Shane Luey. The two left for the trip on Oct. 15. Not long after, however, they lost track of their campsite. Luey told officials that the men spent two days searching for the spot where they had set up camp.

    Luey and his 12-year-old son returned to their truck. But Childress was convinced that camp wasn’t far off. Leaving the two behind, he walked into the thick brush of the forest and disappeared. That was the last time anyone saw him.

    The fully-loaded rifle, pocket knife, and pack of cigarettes he was carrying also vanished. His body still hasn’t been found. Whatever happened to him after he set off into the brush on Oct. 17, 2004, remains, to this day, a mystery.

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