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    Taylor Swift: 60 Minutes segment awesome

    Wow, positive messages for young girls. I liked the anti-bullying message in the one video they showed. It's nice to see something positive our kids are exposed to for a change instead of all the violence. I know Taylor gets criticism for her singing, but I think the total package is kinda warm and fuzzy.
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    Great story - glad I caught it!

    Can't help but agree with you, she is an exceptional role model!

    Gotta love her! Ultra empowering!

    And she is her own manager!!!

    Don't believe EVERYTHING you think.

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    When Taylor accepted her first award on Sunday night (Nov 21) she said she wrote every word in every song on the new album "Speak Now" by herself!


    Afterwards, from the red carpet:


    Bravo Taylor!
    Don't believe EVERYTHING you think.

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    Monday night (Nov 22) she performed her 'Speak Now World Tour' at Madison Square Garden...

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wONpgQilx_8"]Taylor Swift Nov 22.11.[/ame]

    Don't believe EVERYTHING you think.

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