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    IL - Cynthia, 18, & daughter Jeiloni Renteria, 2, murdered, 26 Oct 2011 *Insanity*


    "Moments before the toddler was stabbed to death by Miguel Renteria in his Skokie home on Oct. 26, the baby hit him with toys to stop him from stabbing and suffocating her mother, prosecutors alleged at a bond hearing last month."

    What a horrific thing for this baby to witness before she died. What a brave baby girl.

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    That poor sweet baby trying to save her mother. Whatever the problems are, violence is never the answer. RIP to this mother and her little one. May justice be swift and true to them both.

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    What on earth?! What on earth, what on earth!?! I can't make my brain comprehend this... ugh.

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    So sad. Why do these horrible things just keep happening. RIP

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    There is a photo of the girls but I can't get it to post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pistolina View Post

    There is a photo of the girls but I can't get it to post.

    Here is the photo.

    So sad, a beautiful young mother and beautiful little girl.

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    From September 2013:


    A Skokie man was found not guilty by reason of insanity today in the brutal 2011 slaying of... his daughter Cynthia Renteria and 2-year-old granddaughter Jeiloni...

    At the start of the trial on Monday, authorities described a brutal double murder in which Renteria invited his daughter to his Skokie apartment with a promise of buying her a membership at a local health club. Renteria then stabbed and suffocated his daughter before doing the same to his granddaughter. He then called 911 and calmly reported the crime...

    They said he will not be eligible for release from the state facility until he is found to be sane and not a threat to himself or anyone else.

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