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    UK - Daniel Morgan, 37, Sydenham, London, 10 March 1987

    Below is a CNN video that does a good job of describing the case and the links to the recent hacking scandal.

    CNN's Atika Shubert reports on a murder mystery in the UK and how it ties into police and News Corp. corruption.


    Daniel Morgan axe murder: Mother to meet home secretary

    Daniel Morgan (private investigator)

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    Daniel Morgan was a private investigator brutally murdered in Sydenham, south east London, in March 1987. He was said to have been close to exposing important police corruption. His death was the subject of several failed police inquiries and in 2011 was at the centre of allegations concerning the suspect conduct of News of the World journalists. Morgan's unsolved murder has been described as a reminder of the old London police culture of corruption and unaccountability.

    More at link:
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    In early March 1987, a private investigator called Daniel Morgan told friends that he’d uncovered evidence of major corruption within the Metropolitan Police, which he planned to share with the media. Days later, he was murdered in a pub car park in Sydenham, south London.

    Nearly 30 years on, after five separate police investigations into the killing and some decidedly suspicious goings on behind the scenes, the case remains unsolved – making it one of the murkiest, and most conspiracy-laden, stories in the Met’s long history...

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    ‘This is not a whodunnit,” says Peter Jukes. “It’s a story about the biggest cover-up in the history of British police, and how they got away with it.”

    Jukes is talking about his new podcast Untold, which probes the brutal murder of private eye Daniel Morgan in the car park of a south London pub in 1987 – and the three decades of intrigue that followed it.

    The serial is on its third episode, and is topping the iTunes charts.

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