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    NY - Springville man charged with beating 11-month-old daughter

    A 23-year-old Springville father allegedly beat his 11-month-old daughter so fiercely twice over a 15-day period she may have permanent damage to her right eye, according to Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard.

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    From the above link:

    Approximately 15 days earlier, Jordan yanked the infant's hair so hard that it caused hemorrhaging and doctors had to administer a blood transfusion, Hatch said.

    Jordan, 23, of Springville, insists he did not harm his daughter and blames his 21-month-old son for attacking his baby sister.........


    In February, Jordan had traveled here from his home in North Carolina to reunite with his girlfriend and their children.

    He persuaded the woman to take him back, despite his past attacks on her when they lived in Rock Point, N.C., Hatch said.

    So the mother gave the care of her children to a man who had previously abused her? Another woman with misplaced priorities....

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    April 2012:

    Antuan Jordan, the Springville father who pled guilty to a felony count of attempted assault against his baby daughter last November, was sentenced to a year in jail April 12.

    Jordan’s 11-month-old daughter was taken to Women and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo with bleeding in her skull that required a transfusion.

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