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    Lawyer Listed Sexxxy Secretary Job Via Craigslist ĎAdultí Gigs

    If you were advertising a legal secretary position on Craiglist, would you post it in the Jobs section under "Legal/Paralegal," or in the Gigs section under "Adult"? If you're Illinois lawyer Samir Zia Chowhan you'd choose Option Two, because you'd expect your secretary to be "adult"—with you! On the clock and on the desk, never sleep, never rest.

    Asking your employees to have sex with you on the regular is a perfectly reasonable request to make, if you consider sexual harassment—like lawyering—to be your "calling." According to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (IARDC), in May 2009 Chowhan—a Chicago-based immigration lawyer—felt it was perfectly reasonable for him to post this ad to Craigslist from his office computer:


    __________________________________________________ _____________

    Sits back to wait for someone inevitably coming to make excuses to justify this. LOL________
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