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    Marcia K. Matthews -- June 12, 1985
    I-71 Richland County, OH

    New article from the Mansfield News Journal.


    Case remains open

    Richland County Sheriff's Maj. Joe Masi said numerous investigators have been assigned to the Matthews case several times since her death, the last time in 2007, and all leads have been exhausted. All evidence has been submitted to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation's labs, and as technology has progressed, items have been resubmitted, he said this past week.

    "Everything that has been sent down to BCI has been tested (for DNA)," Masi said of the unsolved murder case.


    Stewart recently talked by phone to Sgt. Mike Viars and Detective Pat Smith of the sheriff's office's detective's bureau. Viars told the News Journal a DNA profile has been worked up in the case.

    "I do know when the Unsolved Homicide Unit was working it, they'd even collected some voluntary profiles that they've compared it with," Viars said. "It also showed that it had been submitted it to the CODIS database so that profile can be compared."

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    Hoping that this strong woman finds the answers she needs about her mom.

    Wondering if the friend named " Peaches" might have a tattoo of one?
    Thinking of the UID " Peaches" imo.

    Crime Hunter: Daughter hunts mom's killer
    May 7, 2016

    Mother’s Day remains a poignant jab in the heart for Shannon Matthews Stewart.

    We all eventually will lose our mothers and it is a profound, devastating affair. More so if your mother has been murdered.

    For 20 years, Stewart has been on a lonely, one-woman crusade to find the monster who battered her mother to death, leaving her on the side of Interstate 71 — halfway between Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio.

    “The truth is my mother deserves to finally rest; her mother needs to rest. She (her grandmother) died broken, cremated, full of guilt and buried on top of my mother,” Stewart told WKYC.

    Despite the hardships of her young life, Stewart is remarkably forgiving about her mother. Marcia K. Matthews was a prostitute who drifted around the U.S. and pedalled her body to desperate truckers.

    “It was a crazy life. I grew up in a fast lifestyle. My mother was trying to break away but was still a part of that life at the time of her death,” Stewart said.
    The clues are few. Strands of facts, forgotten in a drug-fuelled haze. Friends of her mom known only as “Peaches” and “Ivy.” She went by “Pepper.”

    One told detectives that her friend climbed into a semi-tractor trailer at 3 a.m. A logo from faraway Arkansas was on the door. And that’s it.
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    what about James Dean Worley?
    Kyron, HALEIGH, ADJI & Gabriel NEEDS PRAYERS NOW TO FIND THEM!. Zahra & Jonathan in heaven
    Justice for Hailey!!!!
    No Justice for Caylee Marie..........

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    As an Ohio resident, I find this truly terrifying.

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    I'm adding another name. In 1978, Dietlinde Tudor, 24, was found near Gate Five of the turnpike in Toledo. She was a sex worker whose last known address was a motel.

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    I believe James Robert Cruz Jr. was the killer.

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