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    Daniel the rescue cat raises a lot of money!

    Daniel, Cat With 26 Toes, Comes To The Rescue Of Milwaukee Animal Shelter

    GREENDALE, Wis. -- In a reversal of fortunes, a once-unwanted cat has come to the rescue of an animal shelter in need of a new home.

    However, this orange-and-white tabby named Daniel is no typical cat. He has a near-record 26 toes, a phenomenon that is helping the nonprofit Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center raise money to relocate to a new building.

    Normal cats have 18 toes, but Daniel has two extra on each foot due to a genetic mutation called polydactylism.

    Officials at the center found out their rent at a Milwaukee-area mall was being doubled on Jan. 1. So, the shelter is buying a new building and is seeking small donations of $26 – or $1 per toe.

    more at link (with adorable pics!)


    What a boon! Yup, they should call him Daniel Boon!

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    Nothing to see here, move along...
    Oh, what a cutie pie. He seems like he'd be such a wonderful kitty! Go, Daniel Boon, go!

    Herding Cats

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