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    IL - Bloody paw prints lead police to woman abusing dog

    This poor elderly dog.. 10 yrs this monster owned this dog.. then just let it outside to be beaten with baseball bats by these horrid gonna be serial killer children..... WTF is wrong with people???????
    This makes me sick.. i mean physically ill.....


    Officers found the dog's owner, Lashon Parks, 42, hadn't been giving the animal water or food and had left it outside in temperatures below 25 degrees for an unidentified amount of time, police said.

    Parks told officers that she owned the dog for ten years but no longer wanted it and allowed a relative to let it loose outside to "get rid of it," the report said.

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    sigh, humanity's cruelty seems to know no bounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tlcox View Post
    sigh, humanity's cruelty seems to know no bounds.
    I really really dislike those who have so obviously lost their moral compass.

    Poor doggie!

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    I am so disgusted by what Humans are capable of.

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    May she rot in he!!.
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    I have no tolerance for people that abuse animals and children. They get nothing from me. If it were in my power, these disgusting, vile, poor excuses for humans beings would be put away in a prison just for pedophiles and animal abusers and they could just all go at each other, everyday for the rest of their worthless lives.JMO.
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    Dogs loyalty damns them sometimes. This poor baby has been abused and neglected for 10 yrs, and yet given the opportunity to escape, this poor dog returns to his abusive master.No more torture loyal friend, you will be safe and cared for. You will have the basics, a warm place to sleep, food and clean water. Probably "luxuries" that havent been afforded you in your past life. This infuriates me. As I type this I have a mother dog laying at my feet who is nothing but skin and bones. Left to die in an abandonded house. freezing and starving, she somehow found the strength to deliver her newborns safely, and nurse them for 2 weeks, going completely without food herself. She kept her babies warm in freezing temperatures, and they are fat and healthy. There is not person who can tell me that dogs arent capable of love. This mama would have given her life for her babies, if thats not love what is? I take one look at this precious mama and know without a doubt that people are the "animals" sometimes. To all the other rescuers out there, thank you! For the sleepless nights, and the going with out things so your vet bills get paid and your dog food is plentiful

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    This is just plain disgusting! I hope this woman gets the most punishment they can give her. I have 4 dogs and they are well fed, sleep on my bed with me, and they go to play groups, agility classes, and the dog park. They are all rescues and are happy and healthy and very much loved. It would kill me if anyone ever hurt any one of them. I belong to an animal rescue group and just fostered a large pit bull that was going to be killed at the pound, and now he has gone on to his forever home where he is very happy. I hate it when people mistreat animals or discard them like trash.

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    to Lashon Parks and all of your family members who think abusing animals is ok - you're not worth the air this dog breathes

    I hope you are banned from ever owning pets again and I hope animal cruelty charges are brought against you and I hope more than anything else that KARMA gets you in the end ... and it will

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