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    AZ - Anna Marie Molina, 34, Tuscon, 10 Aug 1993

    Can someone else have a look please? I can't seem to find Anna Marie listed anywhere in missing persons databases. TIA!


    Wednesday, December 14, 2011 12:00 am

    Anna Marie Molina disappeared after a night of partying 18 years ago.
    Molina was 34 when she disappeared. She was described as 5 feet tall and 120 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

    The status of her case is closed. It is classified as an unsolved missing persons case. Tuscon LE does have suspects and do believe she met with foul play.
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    A quick search didn't lead me to find anything either.

    Just as an FYI. When we find these older MP cases that aren't in the usual NamUs, DoeNetwork or Charley Project database's, I always make sure to let CarlK know so he can add them to his database trying to compare MP's to UID's.

    We should be able to get her information entered into NamUs also, since civilian volunteers like ourselves can enter information. I'll see if I can get her info into NamUs but I won't have time to do so until after the holidays. If anyone else wants to in the mean time please do so.

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    She looks like DoeNet Jane Doe 686UFNM, especially when you consider that the unidentified skull was missing a mandible (and therefore, the depiction of chin and jawline is just a guess).


    However, the distance and direction from Tucson, AZ to Jemez Pueblo NM may a little too far, and in the wrong direction. The purse was found the next day 10 miles west of Tucson. 686UFNM was found about 500 miles Northeast of Tucson.
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    I wish there was more information about Anna. If she had scars, tats, watch, ring(s), etc. And who the people were that were talked to by police - the two men referred to in the article in post 1 (I think the link below is the same article) and when the two men were talked to.

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