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    IA - Ten-year-old sex abuse victim tells secret to save sisters

    This baby is a hero. I hope she and her sisters will overcome their trauma.


    She says she told her mother about the abuse for two years, but her pleas for help were ignored.

    "Several times, she told her mom, but her mom wouldn't do anything about it," said Christie Rimkus, the girl's aunt and now, caretaker.

    The boyfriend, Jaymie Souder, plead guilty in November to sexually abusiing the three little girls, now ages 10, 7, and 6.

    The mother is in jail for child endangerment, but faces possible upgraded charges later this month.

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    Bless this child. What a courageous act of love she displayed. After having her pleas ignored for years by her mother she found the strength to do what was needed to save her self and her sisters from this nightmare.

    This took serious guts and I pray their aunt and uncle are able to adopt these girls and give them the kind of security and home they should have had all along.
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    Why on earth would you disbelieve your child, when they tell you this?

    Argh....it hurts to think of what this child went through!

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    This little girl is a true Hero!

    To think what her and her sisters have been through all this time and for her to stand up and take a stand that the abuse was going to end, for the skae of her sisters...

    And the clips where she speaks are so cute and from the heart.

    This little girl needs a very special Christmas this year!

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    This happened at a school where I worked. The father had been abusing the older girl all her life and the younger was in day care with some serious behavior problems.

    The older child was in 4th grade and broke down and told because he had started abusing the little one. It was almost summer break. They never had to go back to that house again and I don't think the teacher or principal would have let her. I don't know how she stood it the guy was ugly and mean. He would look right through you when talking to him and gave me the chills just dealing with him. Mother and father were arrested.

    No one suspected anything like that because the older girl was a great student. I'm so glad she and the little girl mentioned in this story were able to save themselves and their younger ones. I"m afraid this happens all too often. Another thing I really believe a loving teacher can make a difference too because they have to trust who they tell.
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    I think they need to make sure Aunt is a great and stable caregiver. Those poor little angels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lisalei321 View Post
    Why on earth would you disbelieve your child, when they tell you this?

    Argh....it hurts to think of what this child went through!

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    Sadly because these "mothers" put the relationship with their partner BEFORE their children. We have seen it time and time again. It is sickening.

    Bless these children and I hope the younger ones know when they are older what a heroic thing their sister did for them.

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    The girls mother who ignored their pleas for help, had already been charged with misdemeanor child endangerment. Scott County Attorney Mike Walton said the new charges include three counts of neglect and three of child endangerment. Three of the counts are felonies.

    Read More: http://wcfcourier.com/news/local/mor...#ixzz1heyJT8XB

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    Sounds like mom probably did believe it, but ignored it anyway..UGH!!! I'm so proud of this little girl (and I don't even know her). She did the right thing and I wish all children knew or felt comfortable enough to keep telling until someone believes you.
    Praying for our lost babies ~ Come home Lisa!!

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