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    CA - Natasha Carpenter, 30, found dead, burned in BF's big rig, Sept 2009

    BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. -- A truck driver claims his prostitute fiancée suffocated as they celebrated their engagement with a meth and bondage sex party. Then he drove from California to Mississippi with the corpse in the cab of his 18-wheeler and set fire to the truck - with himself and the body inside.

    Mark Andrew Rice pleaded guilty to arson and desecrating a corpse and was sentenced Monday to six years in prison for burning the truck and the body of Natasha Carpenter. Two years of the sentence were suspended for time served.

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    RIP Natasha.

    Mother, daughter and sister. Loved to crochet and go camping and play volleyball.


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    So we can suffocate someone in California, do a boatload of meth, and drive to of all places Kiln, Mississippi to say farewell to our ex's and kids, and then jump in our big a*s truck and tell cops we have a firearm, and set our truck on fire and we'll walk out of lockup in ummmmmm four years give or take?

    That's just wrong.

    Poor woman.

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    From February 2015:


    A Mississippi man will spend the next 25 years in prison for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a Hancock County woman.

    Mark Andrew Rice, 53, was sentenced Tuesday by Circuit Judge Chris Schmidt after he pleaded guilty to the charges... District Attorney Joel Smith said Hancock County deputies responded to a Sept. 7, 2013, call at a woman's Bayside home to find her in the front yard and Rice "near death" from a suicide attempt in the main bedroom...

    Rice had just been released from jail in March of 2013 after serving less than four years of a six-year sentence for setting an 18-wheeler on fire with his dead fiancée inside.

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