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    WA - Ruthie Fawn Kindness, 20, Parkland, 7 Feb 2011

    Ruthie Fawn Kindness

    Endangered Missing from Parkland, Washington since February 7, 2011

    Age: 20 -- Height: 5'3"-5'4" -- Weight: 110 lbs -- Hair Color: Brown -- Eye Color: Brown

    Ruthie may highlight her hair, and she may wear acrylic fingernails.

    Ruthie was last seen in Parkland, Washington on February 7, 2011. She placed a call that day from Paradise Bowling Alley. She has never been heard from again and is considered to be endangered.


    Charley Project
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    Police still searching for missing woman

    24 August 2011

    Auburn police are still looking for a 21-year-old woman who seemed to vanish into thin air more than six months ago, and so far they have no clue where she is.


    She has no cell phone and was homeless the last time anyone heard from her. Family members have heard reports or rumors that she’s dead, but police say there is no evidence to indicate that those rumors are true.

    More: http://auburn.komonews.com/news/911/...-missing-woman

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    Where's Ruthie (Where's Ruthie Kindness) - Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002378598489

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    Her family is looking for her and offering a reward on the Facebook page for anyone who brings Ruthie home. So sad! I wish there were more clues .
    Seeking Justice for those who can't. There has been justice for Jhessye!

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    I have tried to pull up the facebook page for additional information, but it says that
    the 'page you requested was not found.' Wondering if the family may have already taken it down???

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    Help sought to locate Parkland woman missing for a year


    Post by Stacia Glenn / The News Tribune on Feb. 26, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    Friends and family members are asking for the public’s help in locating a 21-year-old Parkland woman who has not been seen in more than a year.
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    Bumping this up. This case needs more attention from LE and the press. A comment under the article posted above states the Pierce County Sheriff's Office has refused to take the case. You would think that law enforcement agencies in Washington State, of all places, (the hunting ground of Gary Ridgway, the green river killer) would be more responsive to the dissapearence of young women with her history. Her being Native American probably doen't help, either. (charleyproject has her listed as caucasian, but the news articles report her as native, and she looks native to me)

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    Ruthie's case deserves more attention.

    I feel that something terrible has happened to her, but I certainly hope that I am wrong!!

    This young woman deserves to be found.
    Any man's death diminishes me,
    Because I am involved in mankind,
    Therefore, send not to know, for whom the bell tolls;
    It tolls for thee.
    ~John Dunne


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    Found out about Ruthie when looking around regarding missing Maureen Kelly- 2 beautiful young women both missing from WA~
    I can't get the MSM or fb links to work, can someone fill me in on why she is considered endangered, the rumors on fb, any other info? PM if not allowed here bc of rules

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    Is it my imagination or does WA seem to have a high number of missing teens and women?
    Has anyone noticed a pattern at all? Age? Hair color etc..?

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    her Charley Project profile (link above) states that she was a student at Cal State University Northridge at the time she disappeared. I cannot find any other info about her traveling or possibly living in California.

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    I found her personal FB page - https://www.facebook.com/rkindness1?fref=ts

    I am guessing the graduation information happened automatically.

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