In his own admission Terrence Sundsmo said he's been fighting his pedophilia for as long as he can remember.

Sundsmo was found with fellow freakazoid Kevin Heasley by a parole officer in a bedroom together viewing some uhhhhhhh 4,000 images of child pornography.

This was not Sundsmo's first offense. He sexually assaulted a child prior to the pornography which was all on his hard drive.

At one point he asked to be surgically castrated and has considered suicide. The Judge had none of it and sentenced him to 15 years and some in prison.

As a child Sundsmo suffered a fall and had numerous brain surgeries literally removing some of his brain. His IQ is just dandy, but his impulse control is zilch. Obviously.

Note comments at the bottom. One guy said he wondered about his poor impulse control when he got back to prison and yelled "I'm gonna kick somebody's ***". He's got a point.