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    IA - parolee charged with beating dog to death with baseball bat


    Zachary Scott Meerdink

    The woman with whom Meerdink had been living told police that the dog, a 4-month-old Boston terrier, had urinated on the floor.

    She said Meerdink took the dog and an aluminum baseball bat outside, where he beat the dog to death with the bat and left the animal's body, police said. He then left the scene, and the woman called police.

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    Before even attempting a response, I'm giving myself a TO and save the mods some effort.
    Anything worth dewing, is worth dewing well!
    Proud parent of 3 rescued schnauzers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dewey2Me1MoThyme View Post
    Before even attempting a response, I'm giving myself a TO and save the mods some effort.
    It's just so hard to read about a poor dumb animal being abused or killed..so I don't always...

    My question on this one is why didn't the woman call the police when he took the puppy and bat outside...why wait until he was finished?

    I certainly hope she is smart enough not to let this REAL animal back in her life!

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    May 2012:

    DAVENPORT, Iowa:
    A 30-year-old Muscatine man was sentenced Tuesday in Scott County District Court to two years in prison for beating a puppy to death with a baseball bat, court records show.

    Zachary Scott Meerdink was convicted on the charge of animal torture, an aggravated misdemeanor.

    Zachary Meerdink, animal abuser:

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    July 2013, conviction overturned:

    After considering the definitions of “depraved,” we conclude “depraved intent to cause death” does not equal an “intent to cause death.”

    Here, the State proved Meerdink killed the dog; however, no one saw Meerdink kill the dog, and no testimony or exhibits and no reasonable inferences or presumptions from the testimony and exhibits sufficiently prove Meerdink acted with a depraved intent to cause death.

    So it's legal to beat a dog to death with a bat... As long as you don't do it in a "depraved" manner. Wonderful.

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    Or I wonder if his conviction would have stuck with a lesser charge... Something like "animal cruelty" instead of "animal torture", maybe.

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    He needs that bat used on him. Then lock him up in a psychiatric hospital. PERMANENTLY!

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