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    Eva Peron Given Lobotomy?

    There is evidence Eva Peron was given a lobotomy to ease her suffering from terminal cancer. Reportedly, som doctors at the time that morphine and other drugs were too addictive so they performed lobotomies instead. Sad.


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    That's really sad.

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    I have an uncle who was given a lobotomy after his WWII experiences in the Pacific theater. The government used it as a treatment for "shell shock" unbeknownst to anyone in the family. He found out in the early nineties when he went in for cataract surgery-- my aunt nearly fell off her chair when the surgeon came out and asked her what year he'd had his lobotomy! (They'd been married over forty years, raised eight children together, and she had no idea. Everyone just kind of said he was "never the same" after the war.) Unreal, huh?

    I've never heard that they used it for pain control, that's very interesting, because in my estimation, you're much more "out of it" on heavy morphine than a lobotomy. So I think it's kind of a good thing... but not without your consent, of course.

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