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    PA - Niko Atteya, 11, Fayetteville, 1 Aug 2011 - missing in Egypt

    Franklin County mother continues search for son abducted in Egypt

    A heartbroken Franklin County mother just returned from Egypt after a five-month search for her missing son returned no leads.

    Kalliopi Atteya, of Fayetteville, said her 11-year-old son Niko was abducted by his father on August 1. Atteya and her sister Maria Panagos took Niko to Egypt to spend time with his father, who Atteya said was not in the picture for most of the boy's life. Atteya said she and her sister were forced out of the car they were riding in and Niko's father drove off with the boy.


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    Mother of missing 11-year-old clings to faith, family and community for strength

    It's been almost impossible for Kalliopi "Kalli" Atteya to focus on Christmas when her son is missing a world away.


    Niko suffers from asthma triggered by dust, grass, pollen, cats and a host of other things. He uses an inhaler frequently.

    "I've seen my son not being able to breathe, and I worry about him. His father sent all his medications back to me saying, "He needs to learn to breathe on his own,'" a distraught Kalli said.

    More: http://www.herald-mail.com/news/tris...,2536024.story

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    Prayers that Niko will be located and home safely and soon.

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    'I saw her eyes': Mom dons burqa, rescues kidnapped son in Egypt


    By Joshua Rhett Miller
    Published April 25, 2013

    Through the slit of the burqa she wore to blend in on the streets of Alexandria, Egypt, Kalli Atteya waited and watched until the boy climbed off the school bus. When she saw him, she moved quickly, grabbing his arm and steering him toward the waiting motorized cart.

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    What a hard working mom !

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    Quote Originally Posted by summer_breeze View Post

    By Joshua Rhett Miller
    Published April 25, 2013
    What an inspiration!!! I LOVE that she rescued her son and didn't wait for the government to do it for her.

    I was really nervous, but I was bound and determined to take my son, she told FoxNews.com
    I would definitely say determined!
    This is where Sky belongs!! Proud member of the Sky Crew & proud supporter of Solomon's quest to find his precious son! "I will always be his father. On this earth I don't see him, but in heaven we'll be together," Metalwala said.


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    Woohoo! Awesome!

    If you want something done right, don't wait on anybody else, just do it yourself! That must have been absolutely nerve-wracking waiting for just the right moment.

    That story made my morning.

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    I'd go the ends of the earth for my child.....She put these words into action...BRAVO MOM!!!!

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