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    Police: Facebook cry for help ends kidnapping

    A Utah woman’s Facebook friends allegedly saved her from captivity by an abusive boyfriend after she posted a call for help on the social media site Saturday, according to local news reports.

    "Hello. Is anyone out there? I am having a serious problem and me and [my son] will be dead by morning," she wrote on her Facebook page, according to police.

    Friends soon began to respond asking what was wrong and trying to figure out where she was. One friend in South Carolina posted the woman's address. A Utah firefighter on vacation in Denver then contacted authorities, affiliate KSL reported.

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    Well I sure hope the boyfriend isn't sentenced to "probation" again. Cause it sure didn't work the last time.
    "Court documents show Critchfield and the woman have a son together. Critchfield was convicted in 2010 of a felony-level assault against the woman. In February of this year a judge ordered him to serve 120 days in jail and three years probation."
    Just my opinion

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