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    KY - Mary Marrs Cawein, 39, Lexington, 5 July 1965

    I found this today. I thought that our members that are interested in cold cases might find this one interesting.

    Monday, December 26, 2011

    Murdered sometime in the early morning of July 5, 1965, Cawein was found fully dressed in her bedroom, the victim of carbolic acid poisoning.

    Her killer has not been found. The case was dubbed “the Carbolic Acid Cocktail Murder.”
    (very long article lot's of info in the first article)

    Part 2

    As investigators peeled back layers of the stories surrounding the death of Mary Cawein, sordid details of Mary and Dr. Madison Cawein’s married life emerged.
    ( Special thanks to the Lexington Police Department for allowing KyForward.com access to files pertaining to this case.) LE is giving this reporter access to their files.

    Too much info to even begin to snip in part 2.

    Part 3

    Lappat was one of the key players in the investigation into the murder of Mary Marrs Cawein — along with Cawein’s husband, Dr. Madison Cawein; Madison Cawein’s mistress, Barbara Leapman (Lappat was also reported to be a former mistress of Cawein’s); Leapman’s husband, Dr. Hershell Leapman; and several others.

    Thousands of pages of evidence — interviews, crime scene photos, tips, leads, etc. — where complied as detectives in 1965 dove into the mystery surrounding Mary Cawein’s murder.
    Those three articles are very lengthy. I will let anyone interested tease out the important details if they wish to do so and post them here rather than me snipping each of the articles.


    Archived articles:

    14 AUG 1965


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    Not too much info about what investigators did. No grand jury? No polygraphs?

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    I asked the reporter if there was ever a grand jury stella. If I get a response I'll let you know.

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    From the get-go, the murder of Mary Cawein on July 5, 1965, rated as one of the great crime puzzlers in the Bluegrass State... Half a century later, the murder stands as a case study of the perils when etiquette trumps investigative ardor...

    The investigation was a hot mess from the start. Instead of notifying police, Cawein called in doctor friends to confirm the death. Cops arrived late to a tainted crime scene. For example, Cawein ordered Sam Strother to dump a glass of bourbon sitting on the nightstand, destroying potential evidence...

    Any of the three doctors had the skills and potential motivations to commit the murder, but the grand jury returned no indictments — just a surly statement chastising busybodies and the press.

    The investigation sank into obscurity. For decades, as witnesses died off (including Cawein in 1985), Lexington authorities fought the release of the investigative files for reasons never well-explained...

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    Truly bizarre! I'm putting it on my top 1000 classic unsolved murders list at somewhere in the 981-985 range.
    This my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, that is, if I'm not joking.

    Stan Reid

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